Is your lack of business knowledge holding you back?

You know a lot about your company’s products or services, but you may not know as much as you should about the business side of business. Your lack of knowledge could be holding your business back, or worse — it could get you into trouble.

You don’t need an MBA or a stack of business books to get ahead. You need real-world knowledge now, from experienced local business owners, customized to your needs.
You need Core Business Seminars. We offer small, individualized, affordable classes and educational events that focus on real issues for small business owners and employees. Our instructors are working practitioners, not academics, who specialize in small business and are passionate about teaching.

With a small effort, you can learn — and grow — a lot. Our two-hour classes are scheduled at convenient times for business people — early morning and late afternoon — and located conveniently in downtown Burlington, Vermont. Classes can be taken individually, or as a series for the most comprehensive learning. Every class provides the kind of hands-on knowledge you can take back to the office and apply the same day.