Anyone can make a subject boring.
The best teachers make it exciting.

What makes Core Business Seminars the best way to learn about running a small business?
Simply put, our method works! We know that people learn best when they’re engaged, learning and participating in a small group setting that’s focused on issues that affect their everyday lives. It’s the fastest and most affordable way to gain the critical knowledge that can make or break a small business. Best of all, it’s fun!

Our business classes are focused on you.
We educate and empower small business owners and their employees with answers to the real questions and issues facing small businesses. Teachers are working practitioners who specialize in small business, and classes are scheduled at convenient times at our location in downtown Burlington, Vermont.

Core Business Seminars provides me the perfect solution as a busy professional… expert information, skillfully delivered, all in a timely manner so I can get back to work!”

– Karen Robinson, ION Science

Big topics. Small classes. 
Our classes address vital business topics such as:

  • Analyzing financial statements
  • Building budgets
  • Strategic planning
  • Effective marketing
  • Getting loans and choosing investments
  • Understanding insurance and benefits

Customized Consultation Services
We also provide one-on-one business consultation for companies faced with particular challenges and opportunities. Our experts will advise and guide you, with knowledge and support that focuses on your unique needs.